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To clarify my perspective, I agree that you should tip them for their outstanding gold anchor service. I am just stipulating that you should not tip someone for services that you did not have rendered to you. As far as their wages are concerned, I completely agree that by US Labor Standards, these folks are underpaid; however, we have to keep in mind that they are an internationally registered ship and folks joining the crew come from countries where the local economy are much different than us (e.g., cost of living, average household income, etc.); as such, compensation is relative. For example, when I cruised to Norway a year ago, I had no idea how high the cost of living was; we were shocked at the price of a pizza and liter of coke ($120 USD). Also, these folks choose to work on these ships and are aware of the compensation structure and hours prior to signing a contract. Hopefully the wages, hours and working environment is not surprising to them when they is an "at will" working relationship.
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