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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Before hanging the staff from the yardarm, remember there are two sides to every story. Not saying one side is swayed in any way, but no one here has seen the clothing that was worn and I'm sure it would be interesting to see same.
Most everyone seems to be blaming the staff-- how many times do we see posts criticizing the cruise lines for NOT enforcing the dress codes --if we want them to enforce the dress, then don't be so quick to criticize them when they do without their side of the story.
Just my opinion, which is worthless to anyone but me.
Sail on-- dressed, undressed or in between-- but sail on !
personally, i'm not in disagreement with staff as far as enforcing the rule.

i am, however, in the opinion of how a situation is handled. if what the OP said was true, then i don't think this was deemed as an appropriate way of handling it.

part of my job is dealing with customer service - the best way to handle a sticky situation is to diffuse the problem so that the person who is in offense, deals with it right away, without causing a scene (not to say a scene was caused but by the way this employee handled it, a scene MIGHT have rose from this situation - everything is about prevention as best as possible).

bottom line, she was wrong to wear what she wore - but there is no need to treat her as a criminal which judging by this staff's chosen words, came pretty close.

having said that, i will agree, there are two sides of every story. my response, however, made no assumptions of what the clothing was or wasn't... just feeding off the professionalism of how the situation was handled.

and of course your opinion matters - all of ours should matter.
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