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she was approachd by a restaurant manager who told her she looked offensive and would need to leave and put a shirt on.
I would really like to know what the manager actually said. This is a very vague recount.

If it was really so insulting that the daughter ended up crying and refusing to dine out - it must have been pretty bad.

By the same token, it is pretty hard to believe that a request by a professional doing his job to notify a guest that bathing suits are not appropriate attire for the room would be worded in a way that says "your dress is "offensive'"

What exactly did he say - I think it makes a big difference. The fact that the OP made a big point of saying he was staying in a suite, that he demanded compensation, etc. but that their request were not honored just all adds up to "hearing half the story"

1) what did the manager actually say?
2) what did you ask for as compensation?

Also - for the record, the choice to defer a decision on this to after the cruise is not unusual for Royal Caribbean - they do have a customer service department to follows up on matters like this.
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