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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
I'm not taking sides in any way. As I mentioned in another post, we constantly see posts made about how people dress and violate the dress codes and how the cruise lines should enforce them, or drop them. If They are going to enforce them , naturally some people won't be happy.
Almost all the responses seemed to fault the crew member without having the slightest idea of what was actually said and how it was said.
Reminds me of having a trial with just the complainant testifying and convicting the defendant without even giving him / her a chance to present their side. To just assume the crew person was in the wrong is unfair to him / her.
One person posted that she was sorry the O.P's daughter went through a "Horrible experience "-- that's quite an assumption, in view of the fact we have only one part of the story. Wonder what type of experience the crew member had to go through to enforce the dress code ??
Anyway, that's it from this side of the tracks-- just remember judgements and assumptions should not be made on one side of the story alone.
Sail on--sail on !!
Additionally there is a reason why heresay evidence is not admitted into court proceedings.
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