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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
I don't begrudge the way you made it, but for someone like me, in the middle of Canada, doing 3 or 4 night cruises just isn't in the cards. We always do 7 to 10, 14 nights yet when they made the changes all we received for 7 points for each of our 10/14 night cruises. Hardly seemed fair then and still doesn't.

And now there are still some whining about not being able to get there with the 3 and 4 night cruises from Florida.
We did what was available to us. Now that the short getaways are gone we still cruise. The bad thing is that now we have to pay airfare. Not paying for airfare was one of the main reason we did the 3, 4, and 5 night cruises. We also did 7 nighters out of LA. No doubt the advantage is to the Floridians. Short cruises and no airfare. More power to them, go for it. If I lived in Florida I would be doing like I did when RCI had ships in the port of Los Angeles.
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