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Originally Posted by inv106 View Post
I have 2 questions actually.

1. I have 8 cruises in all ready. I know it takes 10 for platinum. I have one booked for October and one for November 2013. What is the chances Carnival will give me the VIP status on the October trip since I am booked for November?

2. Does anyone else think they kinda got screwed a little on platinum status now that you can pay the 50.00 per cabin and get onboard priority? Is there a difference?
1) No, you will get VIP status on your tenth cruise, not your ninth with a future cruise booked.

2) No. Here is how I look at it. If some wants to pay an extra $50 so they can board earlier, that is their choice. However, platinum guest board before they do and don't have to pay the extra $50.
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