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Originally Posted by albiondavid View Post
The LEAF's guessitmate range is 100 miles but we'll see what it does real world when the car actually exists. Plugging it in take an alleged 16 hours to charge on 110V, 8 hours on 220V but owners will need a 220V circuit installed in their parking area. Good luck with that in the big city.

The charging infrastructure is so limited, there are only a few cities in the US you can drive and charge the car. Unless you live in Seattle or San Diego, you simply will not have a public charging option.
I live in California there is a charging station a block from my house. So that part is not an issue. From my reading the 100 miles city and 93 highway is on fully electric power and a charge only lasts 25 to 50 miles. On the Chevy Volt the gas genarator powers the electric engine and the MPG drops to 35 city and 40 highway. Still an excellent MPG.
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