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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Personally, for the money, I would consider a Prius Plug-in, Focus Hybrid or even a Lexus Hybrid.

The cost of the Volt is high and the $7500 tax is good but not great.

The LEAF is an issue since it is a totally electric car. If you run out of charge you are out of luck. There is also a problem with battery memory and the batteries are not made for high heat or cold. They are basically worthless in northern climates. At 0 degrees Fahrenheit they will lose half of their battery capacity.

If you have to get a Volt or LEAF, I would go with the Volt but it would be a "have to" situation. Hopefully, battery technology will improve in the next few years to make the all electric car more affordable and practical.

BTW: You will save a lot on gas but be prepared to see your electric bill significantly increase. However, your overall cost will be less than a hybrid.

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We ran the costs on the electric bill and compared it to the charging station about the corner. Then compared it to the $3.93 per gallon we pay for gas in California and even charging at home we would save money.

I won't buy another Ford product I had issues with an Aerostar plus I hate the Focus. My mom was rear ended by one on the street and I was rear ended on freeway by one. I know that shouldn't be a reason to disregard a car but it feels like bad luck. Lexus probably not in my price range. But I will check out the Prius Plug-in. My only issue with the Prius, and here is the girly side coming out, it's so ugly.
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