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Damn ugly hatch back prius. My dad has been nagging me to get one too. I told him I was getting a Challenger that is a good looking car. But I liked the look of the Chevy Volt. Plus it's an american brand car. Look at the sleek design of the Volt.

Instead I'll be trapped in the ugly mobile. Well it isn't in my nature to ignore the numbers and get the car I want. But hey maybe my car can hold on long enough for them to redesign the prius. Also ship2shore do you know when the study was. Because the price difference with the cash incentive didn't seem that far off. Between the plug in prius and the Volt. Maybe the normal prius is cheaper and the numbers were based on that. The plug in prius is pretty new to the market. On the bright side the plug in prius does quailfy for the carpool lane in California. The regular prius does not quailfy for the sticker in California. Eligible Vehicles - Single Occupant Carpool Lane Use Stickers
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