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Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
The study was released about 10 days ago, and based on projected resale values of new Gas/Electric and 100% electric vehicles, 2013 model year.
The Prius was the gas/electric hybrid.
I was surprised to hear the Prius recovery period was so short, something like 5.5 years if memory serves me right.
The Volt was something like 15 years, obviously longer than most Chevys will even last. But it sure will look good, dead by the side of the road...

I will try and find the study online. I also doubt the vehicles were California-standard vehicles, but I could be wrong...
See the problem with that study is it doesn't take into account the $7000 in dealer incentives when they are trying to get the last 4 cars off the lot. Or the Federal tax credit of $7,500, California rebate of $1,500 taking those things into account the price of the Volt drops quite a bit. My union will even kick in $200 rebate for getting a "union" made car. Dude is there is a rebate, refund, tax credit out there I will find it. The carpool lane until June 30, 2015 is pretty sweet. Other people stuck in California traffic would feel me on that one. So taking all the rebates and credit into account I show a $800 price difference between my Hyundai Sonata and the Chevy Volt. While I was working out at the gym my hubby sneak off to the dealer and test drove one. He was hoping he wouldn't like it but that didn't happen.
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