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Kat> It sounds to me like Chevrolet cannot GIVE the things away....

I have leased Chevrolet from 1998 thru to when they dropped leasing in 2010 (and then put it back after clients bailed in droves).

I bought a Honda. MY GOD what a difference in reliability! Lets just say for arguments sake the Chevy was free.... I would probably still buy the Honda, and I betcha it will end up costing me less.

My 3 leased Chevrolet vehicles: in-warranty repairs summary
11 wheel bearings (unacceptable in vehicles under 50,000 miles)
1 engine/transmission gasket failure (they wanted $7000 to fix it, "I said read my extended warranty")
2 transmission control modules (2 different vehicles)
1 alternator - supercharged and burned out most of the electrical system
2 factory-installed radios needed to be replaced
rear dvd player replaced

Honda vehicle 3 years in (bought used from a dealership, 2006 model year)
15,000 miles per year, driven hard and loaded. Now has 100,000 miles on it.

Second Honda vehicle 2 years in (bought used from a dealership, 2005 model year)
10,000 miles per year, mostly lady-driven. Now has 90,000 miles on it.

I pity the fool that ended up buying my 3 leased, and out-of-warranty Chevrolets.

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