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Default Beware of Social Networking sites

I swore I was never going to join a social networking site but in a way, I was duped into doing just that. In short, ignorance sure ain't bliss.

To keep in touch with some of my cop buddies, I joined LinkedIn. BIG MISTAKE!

They in effect through sleight of hand, literally hijacked my entire e-mail list and is sending "invitations to all of them. Not only is this embarrassing to say the least, but it can have economic repercussions depending upon who get's hold of this information.

In the back of my mind, I knew there was a reason why I never joined Facebook or any other similar site. Now I know exactly why. But of course, it's too late.

One would think such tactics would be illegal but evidently they aren't from what I'm reading and there is no simple way to make it all "go away." Once they have you, believe me, THEY HAVE YOU!!!!

Caveat Emptor! (even when it's free!)
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