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Good morning everyone:

I'm just sitting here waiting for my chauffeur to get showered and dressed. Both of us have doctor's appointments at 10:00 a.m.. Mine is with the ophthalmologist to see if my glaucoma is any worse and have my eye pressure checked.

Betty is going to have her back looked at. She has been having mid-back pain and numbness in the left leg so she is going to drop me off and then head over to her doctor to see what the deal is. I think I've been working her too hard but that lawn needs to be mowed NOW!

Aero: Glad to hear that your sewer problems will soon be a thing of the past. I have three 1500 gallon septic tanks with a curtain drain system. I haven't had them pumped since 2004 and the third tank is still empty. Hopefully it will stay that way. I have to dig up a large chunk of lawn to pull the tops off the tanks and I'm not young enough to dig them out so it will be expensive to have them pumped. The county won't let us pump them through the inspection hole. It is a stupid rule and the septic people agree but they won't pump them without pulling the covers because they would lose their license. I don't blame them.

Well: I hear the shower has shut off so I better hobble upstairs and go.

Have a great day!!!
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