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Queen of Oakville,

I may well have unknowingly used my e-mail password as also my Linkedin password, but I am emphatic that I never knowingly at least, authorized Linkedin to send anyone any request to join except about ten people. I have spent several hours on line and have learned there are a myriad of people who swear they have never under any circumstances provided their e-mail password yet their e-mail lists were hijacked and many of these folks are allegedly very computer savvy and in many instances, are young professionals whom one would ordinarily suspect would know about such things in today's world.

Already, I am receiving e-mails from people whom I hardly know or from whom I must have received an e-mail relative to my quasi-business life but don't remember, asking me to please stop the multiple attempts to get them to join LinkedIn as a result of my perceived solicitation. Such, as I have been reading from numerous others, is embarrassing indeed.
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