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Default David Foster Wallace Essay

David Foster Wallace - Famous Cruise Essayist

If you are familiar with this essay - or maybe just read it, maybe you want to comment on it here. My comments are all in the article I have written (link is above).

David Foster Wallace - Famous Cruise Essay
by Paul Motter, CruiseMates Editor | July 12, 2013

David Foster Wallace as depicted on the Simpsons

The definitive cruise essay is long, spellbinding, hilarious and sad

The most famous article about the cruise experience ever written was published in 1994 by Harpers Magazine, written by author David Foster Wallace. It is called "Shipping Out - On the (nearly lethal) comforts of a luxury cruise." The piece is 24 pages of double column small text, the length of a mini-novel, and it explores every facet of the cruise experience at the time. The piece is also the title essay in a folio of works by Wallace published in 1998 called "A Supposedly Really Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again."

Read the essay here: Harper's Magazine
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