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It IS a shame and thank you for bringing that up.

I wish we had ways to incentivize people to post more - if you have any ideas let me know.


Let's be realistic. The new cruise paradigm is towards more elaborate shipboard activities for all ages; the Royal caribbean model, especially. There are people who just love cruise ships and cruise for the service, the food and for the freeing feeling of being at sea.

There are people who cruise for the onboard activities (floating resort ships, or floating amusement parks) - but the thing about that it that it is a little like Disneyland - you don;t make it your exclusive vacation.

I have ALWAYS considered cruising to be a means of travel, and I am not a fan of languid Caribbean cruises - they bore me silly. Just waiting around for the next meal or trivia game is fine if you need an escape from real life, but I prefer the cruise as a travel adventure paradigm myself.

But I am also a big fan of seeing a place in detail and getting to know it. But I would also never exclude cruises as a vacation based on much of the silly nonsense a lot of non-cruisers seem to perceive about them.
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