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Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
The lady also wants to laugh mockingly at rush-hour traffic as she whizzes by with her single-occupancy car-pool lane sticker... and she apparently is willing to pay in order to be able to do this.
Also there is the Feds giving me a huge part of my tax money back if I get a Volt ($7500) or a Plug in Prius ($2500). I test drove both cars yesterday and it was interesting.

The Plug in Prius has Navigation and a back up camera of $33K. But also a strange chemical smell and isn't as gas efficient as the Volt for short trips. Also the green color is pretty cool and that car isn't as ugly as I thought.

The Volt is also $33K for dealer's rebate etc. The display is touch screen which is nice and in sport mode that sucker can move. Plus it feels bigger. I really like the Chevy. But I'm worried about maintenance issues. I noticed the warrant is pretty go on the Volt.

Interesting facts on both cars. The Volt is a 100% electric motor car and the Prius Plug is a hybrid. The Volt on one charge goes 50 miles after that the car's gasoline generator powers the electric motor. The plug in Prius never runs 100% on electricity it runs on electricity as lower speed and warmer temperature and switches to gasoline motor at high speeds. If I lived in a cold climate I would worry about getting the Volt do to reported issues in snow conditions. But where I live it's not an issue. It never gets that cold. My hubby prefers the Volt. The salesperson as Toyota didn't know her stuff. We would ask her questions and her replied were I can find out and I'm not sure. Not a good way to sale a car.
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