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Originally Posted by RichC View Post
Since they've recently added a new lower level I questioned the circle host about another upper level in April. She said they didn't plan anything at this time & I should contact Princess about my concern.
The way I see it is that there are so many people at the top right now, sooner of later they'll almost be forced to create another upper category especially since they've introduced many short cruises here in the US. People will be making Elite much sooner than past years & just being Elite will mean nothing as in the past.
The new lower level was introduced in order to spur those people to cruise more often to get a few more benefits as opposed to the upper level where they would have to create new benefits that would cost them something and those people cruise much more often without any incentive.
It's a shame that they can't at least offer another special disembarkation lounge to the highest levels. What would that cost them?
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