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Good morning everyone.

It is a beautiful day here. The temps have lowered and so has the humidity. It is going to be a very nice day.

This afternoon we are out to a party on the lake. Betty and a friend of ours planned out the party and chartered a "cruise" to celebrate and mourn two of our friends upcoming move to Hawaii. It should be a fun time with almost 50 people. The scary part is that it's a "Three Hour Cruise." If you aren't familiar with the Minneapolis area there is a lake called Lake Minnetonka. It is a large lake with many bays and channels and over 130 miles of shoreline. It is also the lake where many of the executives of Cargil, Pillsbury, Medtronic, Genmar and other companies have multi-million dollar homes. So, I can see if I find a lake cabin.

Donna, I hope you don't overheat today. I hope it is a bit cooler down by the sea.

I wish everyone a great Saturday and a wonderful week ahead.

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