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Good morning everyone from El Paso, Texas. The temp. remains lower than usual, so it isn't that bad.

Today is moving day for us. I hate this hotel. I really don't feel safe, so we have found another a little further down the road.

We had a good furlough day yesterday. We had breakfast away from here, and then went to the Border Patrol Museum, which was very interesting. It is funded totally by donations, but is free to get in. It was good to see all the history of not only the American, but the Canadian as well.

We then went to New Mexico to get me a spoon. (Remember I collect them)

We only spent a couple of hours there, but couldn't find a spoon anywhere.

After we got back we went on post to look around, and to shop. We found Josh two dragons, which he collects, and a few things for this horrible room.

Today we are going to pack up, and get the heck out of here. The only problem is the paperwork for the closing on the house is due to arrive here on Tuesday, and we won't be here. I hate to cause more problems, but I can't stay another day. I have left word with our financing bank of the change, and hopefully they can notify Fed-Ex, or we will just have to come back here on Tuesday to pick them up. The pepper spray we bought hopefully won't be needed in the new place.

I hope all have a good day.

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