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Originally Posted by AR View Post
The delightful lecturer on things nautical, John Maxtone Graham, has always said that there is an entirely different vibe among the passengers and crew on ships that are "going somewhere" (especially crossings and cruises to places most of the passengers haven't been) than on ships that are "just floating around," plying the same well-worn waters to the same cookie-cutter islands.
I just saw and spoke with John Maxtone Graham on the Royal Princess in June. He is doing remarkably well for someone getting "up there" in age. I first met him in 1993 on the Statendam crossing and (he said) he remembered me (I was his stage manager).

20 years ago. Of course I have also seen and spoken to him several times since then.

My first cruise ship job was on a ship that almost never repeated an itinerary, and it was great to continually sail around the world. Of course it makes a world of difference to the crew because they are not involved in the passenger activities or dining.

But that is what I was saying about the passengers, too. Doing another "eastern" or "Western Caribbean" now is pretty passe for me. I worked on the Norway doing 14 Eastern Caribbean cruises back to back. I did six 7-day Alaska cruises from Vancouver on the Westerdam.

But on Royal Viking and the Statendam (HALs newest ship at the time) the itineraries were always changing, and it was great. I picked up the Statendam in Rome and sailed it around Europe, trans-atlantic and then did those 10-day deep Caribbean cruises HAL is famous for (which rotated between three itineraries).

On Royal Viking I started in Acapulco, sailed to LA, then to Tahiti, Hawaii (twice), Panama Canal (five times), to Montevideo, Rio, Salvador & Bahia, Caribbean, TA to Europe, British Isles, Norwegian Fjords and then off in Bremerhaven, Ger. That's a cruise.
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