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During the past 50 years cruise ships and ocean liners have carried over 500 MILLION people. During that same period, 32 passengers died on one sinking ship - the Costa Concordia. That was tragic and sad. But nobody else has died on a sinking cruise ship in over 50 years.

The cruise industry should be able to do better. But can you name any other industry on planet earth that can come even remotely close to matching such a good safety record?

Last year alone 1,230,000 people around the world died in auto accidents.
40,000 of those auto fatalities were in the USA, a country very proud of it's auto safety programs.

Last year alone - just in the USA - nearly 500 people died in riding lawn mower accidents.

It appears that one of the most dangerous places on earth today is the space between Senator Rockefeller and a television camera.
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