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Very well stated, Bruce!!!

Rockefeller is like all politicians; they are like a dog with a bone if they think it'll get them press coverage!

It's too bad that they, like the press, always want to concentrate on the negative and never consider the positive. Plus, their loyalties are often misplaced when you look at the facts.

As you alluded to, in 2011 (the last year for complete annual statistics), there were 32,367 auto fatalities in the US out of a population of 311,591,917, which equates to 10.39 fatalities per 100,000 people.

By comparison, as stated by Christine Duffy, President & CEO of CLIA, the cruise industry has an exceptional safety record compared with other forms of passenger transportation. According to GP Wild, an independent source of analysis and data on the cruise industry, in the decade prior to the grounding of the Concordia, there were a total of 28 fatalities on cruise ships related to an operational casualty out of 223 million guests and crew who sailed during those years. Twenty-two of those fatalities involved crew members and only six were passengers.

(Operational issues directly relate to passenger safety. Yes, there were more than 6 passengers who died during that time, such as medical reasons including heart attacks, but those were due to non-operational issues and not associated with passenger safety.)

So, let's get this straight, 32,000 people died in automobile accidents in one year and only 6 passengers died on cruise ships in 10 years and Rockefeller's focus is where?

I think our representatives need to spend their time more wisely and where it's needed to make a difference in the best interest of the majority of the people.

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