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Geesh, I can identify with most of the above! Matter of fact, I am fixing a "nanner pudding" today after I pick up some vanilla wafers on the way home from Church.

When I was a child we used to vacation every year at Fife Lake, just a short drive from Taverse City. Even back in the early fifties I clearly remember the Cherry Festival, as if it were last year. Back then one of the traditions was that if you didn't eat cherries, you were supposed to be sent to the local to jail and required to eat an entire cherry pie. I always pleaded with my mother to allow me to be locked up! To this day my all time favorite is homemade cherry pie.

My wife was literally famous in this area for her New York style cheesecake which she was encouraged to bake for a couple of high end restaurants, an offer she refused because baking them was too much trouble. She always wanted the recipe to die with her but six months following her death I happened across it. Being a New York Italian, she ensured that I lived in abject fear so I've yet to try to make it.

I also remember the custard of the Midwest as I was born in Indianapolis. Down here in upper East Tennessee, one of the traditions is boiled custard that I absolutely adore (the homemade as opposed to the commercial variety which is sold as a type of egg nog over the Holidays).

In deference to the Mid Hudson Valley where I spent almost 30 years of my life, my favorite was also Apple Pie as made by my mother. She was always well known for her pie crust which consisted of just flour, Crisco (the original type which they no longer make), milk and salt. Despite the simplicity, no one ever was able to duplicate it, even my late sister who was one heck of a cook in her own right.

I think my weight will increase by about ten pounds after reading this thread.
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