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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Are you a one genre reader, or do you like a wide range of books?

non fiction
sci fi

Do you follow an author,and read every book they write? It's interesting to follow some authors on get a more personal up close look at how they work, and take a peek into their lives.

I follow several authors,and are friends with several as well One friended me, I think in error, but it turns out this interesting author, Eugenia O'Neal, lives in Tortola,and I became a fan..I am now,and have been for years , basically a mystery/fiction fan. I will read any book written, by Stuart Woods, Elaine Viets, Nancy Cohen, Rick Murcer,& Sue Grafton, just to name a few.

How about you?
I read just about every genre.I like non fiction as well as fiction .
My favorite fiction authors are Faye Kellerman,Jonathan Kellerman and Archer Mayor .
I have virtually every book ever written about Abbie Hoffman ,JFK,RFK and Che Guevarra.
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