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Default My Best Friend

My closest and dearest friends is a woman who I've known for many years . In all this time we've never had even the slightest of arguments .

Although she is a member of The Tea Party and we differ greatly on political views we get along wonderfully . Why am I posting this ? This woman who is loved by all of her friends and family is in a hospice center dying . I have tried to lift her spirits by telling her about the power of prayer and about friends and relatives who beat the dreaded Cancer . I know that she listened to me but she is in so much pain that she is ready to enter the world beyond earth if there is one (my thoughts ,not hers) .
I have tried for years to get her to post on Cruisemates but she would often say that her politics would cause her to argue and its against her nature to do so.
I told her last week that Nelson Mandela who I believe was in a hospice dying is going home this week. I hope and pray that she will too but my feeling is that this is the end of life for her .
I have prayed to GOD more for her than for anyone in my life .Now I am praying for her family to be able to accept what is about to come.
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