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Default A truly silly email CONEHEADS

I get a lot of emails that just don;t make sense, and I get others that are just plain nuts.

In a recent article I revealed that crew members often call passengers coneheads - I don't know if they still do, but I do know it was pervasive for a very long time. Now, the term has faded from public perception a lot in the last few years.

But someone read may article and took the time to write to me to say...

I read Paul Motter's article about life on a cruise ship and the use of the slang word "Cones" to describe passengers. My last name is Cone and I resent the use of my last name in this derogatory manner. If I had known that prior to our last cruise, we wouldn't have gone. We won't go again. Sincerely, Judy ****

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