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I picked up a "recommended" hotel on Travelocity once, when the feature was brand new, and it was one of the worst South Beach roach traps imaginable (most of you know how bad SoBe hotels can get). The phone line didn't work (back when I needed a modem), the beds were hard, the pillows mostly disintegrated, it smelled, the doors wouldn't open... It was so awful that I really couldn't believe it.

I tried to call Travelocity - good luck there, but there was also NO Internet access, so without telling Travelocity I just walked out and booked into a different hotel. They did refund my money for the bad hotel, though they should have done more.

Anyway - getting t the article, I like this part:

5. Last-minute travel isn't the same deal it used to be.
At the advent of the online travel site boom, last minute was the time to bookócheap flights! Cheap hotels! Getaway this weekend! But the buy-and-fly magic has ceased to exist; now your sweet spot is about six weeks (or 42 days) before departure.

This has been true with cruises for a long time now, three months out is "last-minute."
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