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Originally Posted by purpledevilduck View Post
So I just got back from a 7 day cruise on the Carnival Liberty and I have a rant regarding the dining room.

I am one of those young guys who is still "Old School" when it comes to dining rooms on a cruise ship. I still like the assigned seating & dining time. I am also someone who treats the dinning room as a formal dining room, meaning I will not go into it for dinner wearing less than nice pants & a Blazer.

During the cruise they allowed some clothing that it was posted outside the dining room was not to be worn.

That being workout shorts and t-shirts that were not dining room appropriate. It really bugged me. If you want to wear stuff like that, you have other dining options. Just don't wear it in the dining room.
I wish they focused on the quality of the food. That is what pushed us to other lines.

Our servers couldn't even get the right meals served to us, except once.

And I hear things just got worse since then. Go figure.
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