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Pete Rose...great example..maybe I should have entitled this thread "When The Mighty Fall"....Sports stars and Politicians are held up as role models, so when they fall there is a combination of saddness and guile..When sports stars make a fortune and blow it thru stupidity, it also holds our attention...

On ESPN 30 by 30 series "One Day In June" stands out to me because it showed several major sporting events (Stanley Cup, Knicks playoff game, Arnold Palmer's last US Open, World Cup opening ceremonies in Chicago, Ken Griffin of Seattle Mariners home run pace)...yet OJ's White Bronco chase captured the nation. Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing that day and the date of the verdict of the then trial of the century
OJ is going to die in prison one will ever forgive him

Ali would be an example of the opposite effect...I saw him in upstate New York when he was training for the 1st Frazier fight in the Garden...most of the Country hated him because of his religion and Vietnam position...Seeing him in person I was mesmerized (sp)..he was a Black Adonnis..hands and mouth were so fast....then everyone saw him light the torch at the Atlanta Olympics Opening Torch ceremony...everyone forgave him, he seems a man at peace with his life
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