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Originally Posted by Aerogirl View Post
I have a question for all you loyal RC cruisers.
My cruise partners and I plan on cruising RC after our next cruise, however neither of them want to sail on the Oasis class ships. They feel their too big and too much like Mall of America . What other RC ships do you recommend? Voyager class , Freedom class ..... give me some ideas and I'll look into them. I'm not into Majesty of the Seas class of ship did that one time and we never looked at RC after that.
I will say that, in my opinion, the Radiance class of ships are some of the most beautiful at sea. The use of glass and design always lets you know you are at sea. They have the standard Royal Caribbean amenities such as the steak house, Johnny Rockets, Rock Climbing but do not have the mega-ship features such as ice rink, diving shows and grand promenades but, for me, they aren't needed.

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