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I agree with Manuel. Those of us who served have earned the right and if they choose to wear a dress uniform, then that is their right and I'll definitely support them. The uniform should be respected and revered. I personally suffered from PTSD after coming back from Vietnam - we didn't have the support or the assistance that is available now. I belong to several veteran's associations and talk with some of these guys all the time who have or are suffering from PTSD. So while I can relate and fell their pain, I personally do not know any of them who would complain about a fellow veteran wearing their dress uniform or begrudge them the opportunity to do so. There may be a few who fell otherwise, but the majority are overwhelmingly proud of their service and honored to have served, and will show that pride anywhere and anytime they can.

When I see someone in uniform, dress uniform or not, I will always give them the respect, admiration, and dignity they deserve. And quite frankly, if it upsets someone seeing a serviceman or servicewoman in a United States military, police, or fire uniform, then I really don't give a damn!

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