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I also think we want to have a better comparison of RC to Carnival and am not sure you can fairly compare the Oasis class to any other cruise ship no matter what line.


Oasis and Allure are in a class by themselves. I would say they are first class.

That's what I was saying, I don't think you can all around compare cruise lines with the Oasis class ships and that's what we want to do since we always cruise on Carnival and a few of you tell me how much better the other lines are. Like I mentioned in the past we sailed on RC MOTS back in 2000 and really didn't care for it and we had sailed on Carnival Fantasy two year earlier and it was really good.

I will make it on Allure with or without my regular cruisemates as it is something I want to check out because even though it may not be the type of ship I would normally want to sail on I know I'm going to have a blast and who knows maybe it will become my #1.
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