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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post

Like the lady who sued McDonald's because she spilled hot coffee in her lap while holding it between her legs and driving a car! And she won!!! Seriously?
Just a couple points of clarification for the sake of accuracy (and I know I'm not going to change your mind.)

She wasn't driving a car. The car she was a passenger in was parked at the time of the incident.

We have all spilled coffee on ourselves accidentally. It's a fair guess none of us have suffered 3rd degree burns from doing that.

The thrust of this case was that McDonald's was serving coffee to people in cars at near boiling point, where it was not only impossible to drink, but could cause severe burns if accidentally spilled. Since this coffee was far hotter than anybody else served, nobody would expect that. McDonald's had received hundreds of complaints about their scalding coffee, including reports of 3rd degree burns, and had made payments to prior victims.

The elderly customer in question was holding her coffee between her legs in a non-moving car and trying to pry the lid off. In doing so, she accidentally spilled the scalding coffee on her thighs and privates and suffered 3rd degree burns.

It's also worth noting the woman never sued for punitive damages, just medical. The rest was awarded.
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