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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Hi Gang...The CQ's had a wonderful day in the City today....Tourists are everywhere and easy to spot too.. Meet some tourists from France, Ireland and Germany. The weather was lovely.

Saw a few good street shows...A dance team, a Juggler and a Magician. Ate at D&B played some arcade games and did Ripley's Believe or Not attraction.

Have a great weekend gang!!

Only in the streets of NYC can a guy sing and play the guitar in his undies.

Did you see the naked old cowgirl? We were in NYC earlier this month and had a great time.

My son is 17 and we've been doing the whole college visits as well , very scary seeing how expensive they are and your right way too many kids can't get jobs and now have huge loans, people really need to be smart about school and taking on the debt.
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