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Default Isn't it the power behind the bullet that makes the difference

Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
I own a Walther PPK in .380. I have some specialty rounds that make it a reasonable defensive firearm, but still just marginally. I use it as a light clothing firearm. I carried it around Montgomery last week in the pocket of my bermuda shorts.

Didn't the CIA have some .22 caliber weapons cleverly disguised as mundane items? They'd have to get mighty close for good effect.
A gun person told me that a 38 caliber bullet could be powered up so to speak by lengthening the cartridge size. He said that this could mean a 357 was a 38 with a longer cartridge to contain a bigger powder charge. I would say that the 22 might be souped up to pack a stronger charge. But I guess thhis is sort of moot since I recall Bobby Kennedy was killed with a 22. Interesting point though in my
reading i came across a mention of Spanish hornets which were Mauser bulletes with a copper coating that disentegrated as they were fired in combat during the Spanish American war. I was wondering why were full-metal jackets required for use in combat and are shotguns permitted to be used in combat as they were in World War One. On a side issue is napalm a banned weapon now today.
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