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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Yes I saw the old cowgirl!! I wonder if that is the real naked cowgirl or a crazy lady dressed up as one roaming the streets of Time Square?

Maybe that is the Naked Cowboys Mom....It's a Mom and Son business they are running in the Streets of NYC....

Her skimpy cowgirl getup was NOT covering her butt crack....NASTY!

On the college topic...I have a 24 year old gal that works with me part time...she is having trouble finding full time work. she went to a college in FL and now has $150,000 in loans to pay back on a part time salary...Lucky she lives at home and does not have any major bills.......Another thing is it's hard for the young adults now to move out of their parents place and get established...I hear more and more parents saying their 20 something is still at home And also their 30 something is still at home...
Yes the old cowgirl was not a pretty site and maybe your right its a mother & son team!

College is no doubt scary when you think about the cost.
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