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Default Life in danger argument

Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
There was a JAG episode where some international assassin was after the CIA agent semi-regular in the cast. His mother was a retired CIA case officer and the image of the smart, but retired older woman. The climax of the show was when the assassin was about to kill Harm and Mac in the living room of the CIA guy's old family estate. Suddenly a shot rings out, then another! Assassin falls over dead and dear old Mom is standing behind him with a smoking pistol in her hand. "Can we talk about this in another room, dear? The sight of blood has always made me feel nauseous."
The writers in this episode used a person's life in danger argument to excuse shooting of assasin which is reason police have to terminate a shooter which is valid in my mind. The 007 agent who shoots an assasin does it to prevent future evil activities which is also valid in my mind.
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