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Originally Posted by Moonlight Reader View Post
Well, that would be a welcome relief, but I think they should put an effective date on the policy, since the only date seems to say 2013 and we are well into that calendar year

HAL did put an effective date on their most recent announcement made on Facebook and in e-mails some guests who wrote received as responses.

I am not interested in it enough to go check the date but I am sure it is after the first of the year and my vague memory is January 31, 2014 but you can check either by e-mailing HAL via the 'contact us' link on their site or by checking their Facebook page. Be sure you have 'liked' them or you may not see the posts.

Don't bother calling as many of the telephone reps have not been informed of the accurate information. They have been telling incorrect answers and confusing many people. Telephone reps on all cruise lines are not always as well trained or experienced as we would like and some give downright wrong information. Get from more than one source if you plan to rely on those reps IMO
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