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Would I cruise on Carnival now?

The best way to say it is.................... Heck yes!! In a heartbeat.

I've enjoyed all of my Carnival cruises and, other than some pretty tacky decor, I have had a good time on each one. We've cruised Carnival three times in the last year. Have they cut back? In some ways, yes. In other ways no. They have more variety of dining options and I do like the 2.0 dining and entertainment upgrades.

I personally think the Carnival Breeze is a beautiful ship and though the passenger space ratio is lower I never felt crowded like I did on Norwegian Epic.

All cruise lines have made cutbacks in food and personalized service. There are more pre-made products used in the dining and buffet areas, the wait staff have more tables and the cabin stewards have more cabins. It's an industry trend.

Overall: Carnival is still the best bang for the cruising buck and I enjoy them more than most other lines. Heck, my last Celebrity cruise, in Asia, aboard the Millennium had far worse food and service than I've ever had on Carnival.

Take care and if you want to cruise Carnival, then go right ahead.
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