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Default luggage tags

I saw this printer for making bag tags, maybe RCCL could get something like the Zebra ZXP 1 Luggage Tag Kit.


QUOTE=cruise planner;1445372]Here's the official announcement from RCCL:

August 6, 2012

Bag Tag Mailer Updates:
Please be aware that for the Royal Caribbean International brand, effective for all guest documents issued on, or after, August 8, 2012, we will be eliminating the ability to order a Bag Tag Mailer for all guests/bookings with the exception of Crown & Anchor Pinnacle members and Suite guests (Grand Suites and above). For all other Royal Caribbean International bookings, bag tags will now be included as a page within the eDoc ticket booklets, which can then be printed and attached by the guest. At this time, while we will still allow a bag tag mailing address to be entered within the CruiseMatch booking engine, please be aware that after August 8, 2012 no mailers will be sent to any addresses that are provided here for Royal Caribbean International bookings. At this time, these changes do not impact guests/bookings on either the Celebrity Cruises or Azamara Club Cruises brands.

I really liked the old way they did it where they provided us with blank luggage tags made from the same type of material the airlines use for theirs. Then we could print out the tags and mail them to our clients. Worked great.

Now, as was mentioned, we use packing tape and then attach the double sided tape on the end. When we get to the port, we just remove the backing on the tape and attach them to our luggage handle.

Often times, we just wait until we get to the port and ask for two blank tags, write our cabin number on them, and attach those to our luggage. We only put the cabin number on them because we already have tags with our names attached, so it doesn't take but 30 seconds to attach the ones they provide at the pier.

And by the way, here's some good advice. When traveling, NEVER put anything on your regular luggage tags other than your name, preferably just your first initial and last name. Thieves are clever and all they need is your phone number to find your address. It's very easy to remember a phone number and they know you're going away, so it's just asking for problems. If your luggage becomes lost, the airline just needs your name to find you. When you do your pre-flight check-in, you provide them your phone number. I would also suggest putting your itinerary and other information inside the bag, but not on the outside. If you have to put a phone number, use a cell phone number or a business number and not a home phone number. Bottom line is you don't want to have too much information displayed for others to see.


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