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Now is probably the first time in 20 years we have not been booked for a cruise. We have in the past booked 4-14 months ahead, and sometimes had multiple cruises booked or planned. Would I return to Carnival ? YES. Would I return to or try another cruise line ? YES. My problem is the industry attitude toward travel agents. I was introduced to cruising by a travel agent.
As the years went by, my travel agent's son took over my travel, and we have enjoyed many cruises and other travel since then. But lately, we only talk about fly-to vacations, and all-inclusive destinations. I suppose the reduced commission on cruises has a lot to do with it, why would he try to sell something If he makes very little. Those resorts in Mexico must pay him well. Lots of people have good reports about the Carnival PVP's, and I wish them the best. I like the opportunity to sit across the desk from MY pvp and discuss the details face to face. I'm just old fashioned I guess. Not sure where we are going next, may be cruising, may be flying to an all-inclusive, not sure yet. But it IS a little unsettling not having ANYTHING booked.
O.K. , sorry, My rambling is over.
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