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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
And since they are "sequestered" inside the house, the cousin and family have no contact, and would know nothing more than what they see on TV.

At this point if I were the cousin I wouldn't be admitting it anyone.

Particularly as she grew up as a member of a minority group, the prejudices she has displayed on this show are doubly reviling. She should be empathetic. Instead she is just pathetic!
I am not saying that my neighbor has communication with Amanda .He has been speaking to Amanda's parents and he said that Amanda has always been rather outspoken . She is a free spirit and her friends and family know that what they see on TV is not reality necessarily .
Last evening I was in a restaurant and one of the people dining there mentioned that he knows Gina Marie and he hardly recognizes her from the tv show .
One of my daughters was the host of a TV show and she often tells me about how what the viewers see is not what is really going on.
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