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I hadn't watched the show for a couple of weeks but after reading the latest "scandalous" remarks I watched last night.

A few weeks ago I liked Amanda but now she seems to be a bully. The red headed guy is the ultimate floater and McCrae (sp?) seems to be growing a pair. Helen is someone who is playing the game well but bugs me. Bottom line: I don't like any of them. I think I'll wait a couple more weeks before tuning back in.

Last year I really got sucked in by this show but this year it just doesn't hold my attention.

One other thing to note: The producers can edit things so they can portray people in just about any way the want. In regard to the idiotic things they say: Some of it is bad but most of it is just "Foot A inserted into Mouth B".

I have one question: If you have the live feed can you select what cameras and people you want to look at or is the same as Big Brother After Dark where someone controls what is shown?

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