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Good morning everyone from the land of Hot. It never went down below 90 over night, and by Wed. we should be in the 105 area.

I have a special message for all, and can't use key words, so I need everyone to listen.

As most of you know, we are about to have an event here, that will be in the news. We woke up to an area alert to be careful, and take precautions.

Notice I didn't use key words to call attention to myself. I am learning about those things.

Anyway, We as a family have made plans for anything that might come up. We will try to stay away from popular places, and even have a plan to get out of town if needed. I will note that who's car Jake would be riding was debated.

I hope that all will be well, and we will get through this like any other day, but who knows.

The thing is, if something does happen, it is important that a thread not be started about us, our location, or situation. Any key words used, could cause CM to come up on a general search about what is going on.

The place is crawling with press, and God knows who else.

I will stay in touch as much as possible, to let you know we are all right, but won't be discussing what is going on. I also know that several of you have my cell number, and we have been warned about how easy talk can be picked up on scanners, so except for saying I am okay, I won't be answering any questions.

I do ask for you all to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Now, I need to go and get a few things, so I wish all of you a good day.

Love you all

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