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Originally Posted by iuki View Post
Considering how much time it takes to research various travel insurance policies, it appears that the research should be done BEFORE you book a cruise?

Is it okay to ask posters which travel insurance companies they use and why? Or is that a no-no?

I thought of purchasing Good Sam's coverage which covers medical emergencies out of the country and then a travel protection with the cruise line. Any advice with this?

Thanks in advance.
I have used Allianz Global Assistance Classic. It has a the coverage I need and they will waive the pre-existing conditions clause if you purchase the travel insurance within 14 days of initial deposit or payment of you trip. So once you make your deposit on your cruise, buy your airline and hotel and then get the insurance but do it within 14 days. The pre-existing condition waiver is VERY important for someone like me who has chronic health issues.

For a younger person with no pre-existing conditions it may not be so important.

The good, but also bad, part is that I have never had to use travel insurance. Hopefully I will never need to but I will always have it when I travel.

Trip gave you good advice in regard to insuremytrip. Make sure you look at the rating of the insurance company and it is also a good idea to purchase travel insurance where the travel insurance is the PRIMARY coverage. It saves time and hassle when filing a claim.

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