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Default THIS IS WRONG ,Luanne

[QUOTE=Luanne Russo;1481666]I am running out of people to cheer for.

I called a friend, who deals with "show Biz" contracts. This is what he said. They are listed as actors as far as the biz union is concerned.

For tax purposes are concerned, they are also listed that way.

They must be paid union scale each day that they appear on the show. Anything they do extra, can include extra pay. (Wondered why they cheer when they get to host a contest)

Their contracts have a very strict confidentiality clause.. He has not seen theirs, but did see one from Survivor, and it was five million for any details disclosed about the behind the scenes operations.

Because they are listed as actors, what they do can be real, or written.

It is not considered a game show, so rules don't apply. My friend says that the rules are not written for the "guests, but for the show, and that the rules to protect the guests, have yet to be written, because they follow under the actor rules.

If you appear LIVE on a TV show you are paid X amount of dollars. At one time it was $900 .
The contestants on Big Brother ,Survivor and the Amazing Race are not considered to be actors unless they really are actors ,an example Jonathan Penner who was recently on Survivor .
I know people who have been contestants on all of the 3 reality shows I just mentioned and they were never told they were actors.

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