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Oh yes! Love Boat made us want to cruise.

Our first attempt at cruising was a ferry boat to Freeport from Ft. Lauderdale on Sea Escape in the late 80's because we did not really have the disposable income to pay for a cruise and that so-called cruise was cheap. Needless to say that did not hook us on cruising and it was another 10 years before we took a real cruise on Carnival Tropicale in 1998. The ship was old and a dump but they had a formal dining room that served great food, had great shows and we loved the piano bar. All of those things we did not experience on our ferry ride 10 years earlier. We were then hooked!

In September 2002 a month before the Pacific Princess left the fleet we cruised from NY to Bermuda on her and loved it! so much was nostalgic about her, (especially the pool) we kept expecting to see Gopher, Julie, and Isaac!

I must say too, as much as we love booking balcony staterooms, there is something about those small ships that is not the same on these big monsters that are cruising ships now.

We did several of the small older ships. Besides Pacific Princess and Tropicale, we also cruised the Statendam and Celebrity Zenith. Only the Statendam is still afloat I think. I miss those ships that carry 1200 or less.

It does not break my heart that the Tropicale, a dump anyway, was scrapped but I wish the oringinal Pacific Princess could have been saved and turned into a museum/hotel the way the original Queen Mary and Delta Queen have been.
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