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I thought the two comedians on our Oasis cruise were top notch. But there was some 'language' and sexual innuendo. The host is pretty funny too and he does a little routine when the show opens while he is introducing the acts. Plus, they close the doors exactly at showtime and nobody else is allowed in which I like. There is a door connecting to the jazz club next door. Some guy stumbled in from over there and got a good razzing by the first comedian. Another guy got up and left because he was offended by the material. He tried to get out the main door and couldn't, all the while with the comedian razzing him while the guy's wife roared in laughter at her husband. Must have been a fun time later for them, because he was most definitely not happy when he finally got out through the jazz club door. One of the rules for being in the audience is that you just might get singled out and picked on a little - or a lot depending on how well it goes or what your reaction is. It is edgy in there.
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