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Originally Posted by Cruizer View Post
It may not have been as bad as the media portrayed it, but I would have taken the Splendor incident twice over the Triumph incident once.
Naturally - but what was the difference? Not that much. I guess Splendor had more working toilets (although I am not sure how that could be true). I do know that on Splendor everyone got along and the line kept everyone as happy as possible with free drinks, etc.

On Triumph the cruise line got blamed for everything when in fact there were a lot of passengers who misbehaved, breaking into rooms to steal alcohol, etc. They had to cut off access to alcohol because some people were getting drunk and very disorderly, essentially acting as if since it was open season to do misbehave.

Here is the thing - you can't blame a person or a cruise line for problems they couldn't see coming. They didn't know people in the front of the food line would take almost all the food put out and leave nothing but onions on the sandwiches that had been prepared for hundreds of people. People were also seen taking trays full of pastries, etc. The cruise line didn't know people would get drunk and disorderly until it happened, and then they implemented the security, but it was too late.

A good analogy? When a perfectly normal person who has worked at a bank for years suddenly decides to rob it - you never expected it. Those were the kinds of thing Triumph staff encountered.

I will say this - every ship needs to have at least one bathroom with true gravity toilets that flow down to the lowest deck - that don't need electricity to work. The only reason toilets overflowed was because people used them in the expectation they would start working again, but when they didn't suddenly its "we're living in raw sewage". They "should have known" the toilets were dead for the duration and started with the bags right away - but that is apparently not what they thought.
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